Brand New Culinary Innovations to Keep Your Eye Out For  Cover Photo

Brand New Culinary Innovations to Keep Your Eye Out For

Chefs love to innovate, so it is not surprising that there is always a new food trend popping up. Take a taste of some of these more recent interesting food ideas. You may get new food for thought for your own dinner prep.

Duck Eggs

At West Bridge Restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, chef and co-owner Matthew Gaudet offers duck eggs in a jar. They are cooked with potato puree and wild mushrooms, and topped with crispy duck skin. The chef recommends mixing all the components together before eating. How popular is this dish? Well, Chef Gaudet reports that he prepares more than 1,000 of these little jars each month. If you’d like a try at cooking duck eggs, check out your local farmers’ markets. Some Whole Foods Market stores also carry them. If you can’t find them local, you can order them at

Chicken Restaurants

A restaurant serving only chicken is nothing new, but virtually all of them have focused on fried chicken or chicken wings alone. There are several new concept restaurants opening that feature chicken in different forms. In New York City, you can get chicken hot dogs at Simply Chicken. You’ll find charcoal-grilled chicken at Fresa’s in Austin and Filipino-style grilled and roast chicken at Pecking Order in Chicago.

Limiting Quantities

It seems crazy that a restaurant would only offer a limited quantity of a popular item on its menu.

After all, customers can get cranky if a restaurant runs out of something. But it is great for creating buzz and excitement. At the restaurant Marjorie in Seattle, their True Burger, make with Worcestershire onions, bacon, harissa ketchup, and bone marrow aioli, is only offered to ten customers a night. Also in Seattle, the Hawaiian restaurant Ma’Ono limits its extremely popular fried chicken dinners by only cooking 30 chickens each night.

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